Boxes FTW

Boxes FTW

Dear Readers,

I really hate being cliché. I do. I also really like boxes, and as a cat, that’s a little embarrassing.

I don’t want to be one of those cat memes! I don’t spell “has” as “haz”…I have more sense than that of course! I am not an LOLcat…I’m a proud #RAVECAT! I live on the edge, I try my best to be contrary, and I wear a lot of NEON.

Yet still, I love a box. My human and I are preparing for the big move and I CANNOT GET ENOUGH! The little ones are great for napping, the big ones are great for storing things, and the medium size? Also great for napping!

It’s the best!! I fear I am not too helpful in the packing department, but you know what, I should have opposoble thumbs if manual labor is to be expected. Sorry!

Anyways, I had to admit my excitement to someone. You other furry creatures will understand. All I ask is that no one take photos, and for goodness sake, please do not superimpose bad grammatical puns.

BRB gotta see a man about a box!

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