Carrot Chronicles

Carrot Chronicles

Dear Friends,

The "New Year/ New Max" saga continues. I am working on creating healthy habits and, while not easy, I do feel my nutrition opinions changing slightly. 

For your reading convenience, I listed a few of these mind shifts below:

1) Sugar is for sissies. Who even wants to be sweet?! I am a PREDATOR not a pastry chef!! 

2) I waste a lot of brain power on what I'm having for lunch. Like...what's more important? Creating a #NEONLitter merger with Apple or tuna tartare? #DOITFORTHEMONEY

3) I am not a dog. I don't reward myself with treats. How embarrassing!

4) If you mush up carrots *just right* and close your eyes, it almost tastes like ice cream. Well, vegan ice cream. Sort of. 

5) The more trim I get, the more ad space #NEON will give me. The world needs my face on city buses. Don't you agree?!?!


6) Seriously working on being the first cat to live ten lives.

See you on the track! 


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