Come One, Come All!!

Come One, Come All!!

Dear Friends,

If you ain’t here, you’re bringing up the rear! We are having the TIME of our [nine] lives at this getdown! The bus could not be a bigger hit and I’ve never seen cats and human unite so well over one cause…besides Black Friday at PetSmart, of course.

We are ROCKING, ROLLING, and LITTER PATROLLING! Everything in sight is NEON-hued and my litter could not fit in better! I’ve even some lazy, or forward-thinking, humans take a litter break! I can always tell by the trail of psychadelic sand they leave behind…amateurs!

I’m not complaining though…the more critters that appreaciate my artistic creation, the more rooms I can add to the Presidential Palace! Shoot, I may even throw in a pool for good measure…and we all know how I feel about water!

We should be wrapping up the party tomorrow, so wish us luck for the next 24 hours!

Stay bright, Ravecats!

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