Furry Fitness!!

Furry Fitness!!

Okay, folks. Enough is enough. Time to get this cute fluffy behind into gear!! 


Let's unfatten our feasts! Detox our diets! Lighten our loads!!

Now...I don't want to lose you here...but this means you're going to have to cut out some naps. No skinny kitty sleeps for 14 hours a day, they just don't! The winter weather is going to be an obstacle, yes, so I highly recommend asking your human for a cat gym. If you are able to manifest this, DO NOT LET THEM HANG THINGS ON IT. It is YOUR space and I single-handedly give you the right to shred any person, place, or thing that invades this space.

Now let's go pump some iron!! Then we'll all celebrate with a #CATRAVE afterwards!! 

In fitness' name.

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