Glitter Grams!

Glitter Grams!

Dear Readers,

Dang if I don’t have some creative minds in my circle! I was talking to my #catsquad last night and my buddy mentioned the idea of G{Litter} Grams to go along with my new idea!!

Now…to be honest…this could be used for both good and evil. The theory is that one could send a little G{Litter} to a cat friend in need of a pleaseant perk! But just like anything, there’s always somebody to turn it naughty.

My Persian friend Princess mentioned using G{Litter} Grams to send not so nice messages! The audacity! As a snarky cat myself, I have to admit that I chuckled just a littttttle bit haha!

I guess we have free will for a reason…the choice is yours!

Either way…time to get some #NEON in the mail!

Talk soon!

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