Ides of March...Et Mew Brute??

Ides of March...Et Mew Brute??

Dear Literary Fans,

Cats read Shakespeare too, no? I for one have never been able to love a playwright more than I do the Bard. Surely he was a cat man, one can just see it in his face. 

Imagine my joy when I came across the photo above!! Of COURSE Caesar was actually a feline...his strategic prowess could not be anything but! Granted...he could have chosen better friends...but maybe that's why his ancestors learned from their mistakes?? 

Further, of COURSE he had a relationship with Cleopatra! She was an Egyptian queen...surely capable of spotting a sophisticated cat when she saw one! 

It all just makes so much more sense now. Ten bucks Brutus was a Labrador.

Stay aware out there! 

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