Happy January 78th, 2018

Happy January 78th, 2018

Hello Readers,

You've made it. Happy January 78th. It was a long post-holiday road, but we did it. 

For real, for real though...like how? This #ravecat is all out of dance moves for the never-ending month!! It's been cold, I've seen snow, shopped some of the sales, stayed inside and tried to simultaneously work on my fitness (not easy). I'm done!

What have you guys been doing to keep your interests piqued? I can only Netflix and Flex so much!! I took some of my burning energy to #NEON and hopefully that will result in some rad new merch...but still! Poppa needs to chase some birds!! 

Tomorrow brings the first of a new month and I for one am thrilled. See you on the other side, party animals!! 

Best Regards,

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