Latchkey Kitty

Latchkey Kitty


My human is really starting to tick me off. After ALL the fun shenanigans I planned for his birthday, he has decided to continually “leave for business.”

Granted, the Presidential Palace has a full staff of clingy help…but that’s not the point! I need more than five square meals a day…I need attention! Moreover, I need the opportunity to ignore attention when it’s given!

How dare he deprive me of this great feline pastime? The audacity.

Do any of your humans travel? How do you cope? Are you relatively nice if they bring back presents? I’m going to mull this over with my shrink today, but seriously, right now I am one unhappy #ultracat!

Now off to ruin his favorite brogues! I ate the loafers last week :D

Somberly yours,

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