Moving Mansions?

Moving Mansions?

Dear Fans,

I come to you with big news…some may even call it bigly important.

As you all know, my human has been traveling on and off for work in recent months. Not too long ago, I used my powers of feline persuasion to have him work more from home (because treats!).

That may have backfired. Fiddlesticks! Apparently, his other location missed him so much that they have requested he MOVE permanantly?!?! OMG!

As his resident cat advisor, obviously I must join him on this adventure. We will be purchasing a NEW Presidential Palace and I will be heading the #NEON empire from this location. Wowzers, Meowzers…right?!

Luckily for me, the adjustment will not be too difficult. The human has confirmed that I will be receiving my own room for napping and my own private bathroom stocked with EVERY color of #NEONLitter available. Further, I will have another “Arts and Crafts Room” dedicated to my #LitterArt.

They call me P.Catso for a reason! My longitude and latitude will not affect my attitude…or art!

Talk soon,

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