Moving Van(ity)

Moving Van(ity)

Dear Readers,

Phew…what a crazy few days! Not only have my human and I packed up our entire life’s work, we have also managed to not injure one another in a hot, cramped moving van!

Cheers to us!

First, we hired some other two-leggers to load. I supervised from the couch by the window. Then, when that piece of furniture was loaded, I took to overseeing the full production from the porch. When everything was deemed acceptable, and packed to perfection, I allowed said two-leggers to carry me to the van like the Egyptian prince I am---on my velour #NEON bed of course.

From there, my human placed me at his side and we hit the road. The AC could have performed a little better, and I’m not sure if other users were regular bathers? Either way, we made it. We just arrived to our new place and my human is currently hooking up the WiFi and Firestick.

Priorities, people.

Wish us luck on our new adventure!

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