NEON Goes Home!!

NEON Goes Home!!

Dear Friends,

Time to pack up ye old bus and head back home. I’m le tired. Ferociously exhasuted. So tired I may even let Dirty Harriet drive home…and she hasn’t slept in days! She’s a tuxedo cat though, so she always looks put-together. I’m hoping that will help if we get pulled over with all this litter in the car!

Not trying to get put in a pen of any type, if you know what I mean!

But I digress…I bet you’re wondering how the rave ended?

We came. We saw. We solicited. We conquered.

I have neverrrrr seen so many creatures jazzed over a psychadelic bathroom break…or a bathroom break in general! Which is saying a lot…I’ve been to Bonnaroo!

I think we absolutely have some new clients and, even better, raver band ambassadors!

In #NEON we love!

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