Rave Big or Rave at Home!

Rave Big or Rave at Home!

Dear Readers,

Consider the gauntlet thrown. You know how my last post mentioned a local HUMAN rave taking place here in town?

Well I just can’t let those posers bask in all the glory!! I have decided to gather my greatest group of #ravecats and stunt on those one-lifers!! Show ‘em how it’s done when you get nine chances, know what I mean?!?!?!!?!

Buhahahahahaha. Not only will we LOOK better, we will be arriving in STYLE. I tracked down a guy I know with a renovated school bus, that happens to be decorated like a CAT, and we are going to make our presence known.

To smooth things over, I’m going to set up a #NEONlitter station for litter art so these trippy kids don’t feel left out. Any human that visits with a cat will get treated like an Egyptian prince/ss…free litter and fruit tea galore.

Maybe I can even become their leader, too???

Festival Takeover Commenced!

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