Rave Humans! Who knew?!

Rave Humans! Who knew?!

Dear Ravecats,

Boy do I have some news for you!! I found out the craziest thing this week…

DID YOU KNOW THAT HUMANS RAVE TOO?! Obviously not to our feline level…but it’s a real, live thing! They get in huge groups, turn up the trance music, and dance around in NEON colors…just like US!

Crazy, right? Who knew those two-leggers had such great taste in pastimes? I thought they just sat around on sofas and watched football…with Cheetos in hand. Color me corrected!

How did I find this out you ask?? Apparently there is a shindig that happens near me quite regularly. A group of ravers take over a lake island, set up camp, and make a psychedelic weekend out of everything!

We should totally set up a #RavecatOnly area at this event. Open to all real and costumed kitties who can contribute to the #litterart station.


Keep up the good work, humans!

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