Summertime Shave

Summertime Shave

Dear Friends,

It’s hot, ya’ll. Like real hot. So hot that I can’t describe within the confines of proper grammar. REAL HOT.

I’m done. I love my gorgeous mane, and it really does bring all the ladies to the yard---but, sayonara my friend. Time to shave this fuzz and start over! That’s the beauty of your 7th and 8th life…all vanity goes out of the door and in struts comfort!

Bring on the cool breeze! I did decide to keep my paws and face in tact…because headshots. Otherwise, smooth as the side of a brand new yacht!

What do you think?? Have you shaved your cat before? Any memorable results or photos?

Let me know and maybe they’ll make it to the #NEONLitter website to kick off our summer celebrations!!

Stay cool, you cool cats!

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