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Le Chat Jaloux

The Jealous Cat. That’s me. Well folks, my human is still traveling every.single.week. He comes back Sunday, washes everything navy he owns, then packs it back up and leaves on Tuesday. Can you believe I have yet to receive an apology?! I have taken to ignoring him and working on...

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Latchkey Kitty

Friends. My human is really starting to tick me off. After ALL the fun shenanigans I planned for his birthday, he has decided to continually “leave for business.” Granted, the Presidential Palace has a full staff of clingy help…but that’s not the point! I need more than five square meals...

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Welcome Home, Human!

Dear Friends, Today is my human’s birthday and I really want to make it special for him. I overheard a conversation with his best friend the other day and he said he wanted to come home to a sassy cat in high heels with a refreshment in hand. I’ve been...

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Glitter Grams!

Dear Readers, Dang if I don’t have some creative minds in my circle! I was talking to my #catsquad last night and my buddy mentioned the idea of G{Litter} Grams to go along with my new idea!! Now…to be honest…this could be used for both good and evil. The theory...

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Trying to Catch Me Riding #NEON Dirty!!

Dear Readers, Today is the day!! We have the #NEON bus all loaded up and all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight! Our plan is to hit the streets early evening so we can show up to the rave with lights AGLOW! There has never been so much litter...

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