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Cyber FUNday

Hello Thrifty Kitties! Christmas is coming. We must prepare! Black Friday is for suckers, the first wave of soldiers, a time to send the human newbs out into the world! Cyber Monday is for us. The wise mid-lifers. The feline-brained. The shrewd shoppers. The ferocious gift-givers!! Don't call me selfish, though!! I...

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Happy Halloween, Ravecats!!

Helllllllo Spooksters!! Today's the day!! Celebrate your creepy-crawliness in style...with a fabulous #kittycostume and a brand new #NEONLitter supply! Shop our website with the code #SpookyCat and get 20% off your entire purchase!!Now that's not scary at all, is it?? Save the ghoulishness for the trick-or-treaters! What are you guys...

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Moving Van(ity)

Dear Readers, Phew…what a crazy few days! Not only have my human and I packed up our entire life’s work, we have also managed to not injure one another in a hot, cramped moving van! Cheers to us! First, we hired some other two-leggers to load. I supervised from the...

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Boxes FTW

Dear Readers, I really hate being cliché. I do. I also really like boxes, and as a cat, that’s a little embarrassing. I don’t want to be one of those cat memes! I don’t spell “has” as “haz”…I have more sense than that of course! I am not an LOLcat…I’m...

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