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Cyber FUNday

Hello Thrifty Kitties! Christmas is coming. We must prepare! Black Friday is for suckers, the first wave of soldiers, a time to send the human newbs out into the world! Cyber Monday is for us. The wise mid-lifers. The feline-brained. The shrewd shoppers. The ferocious gift-givers!! Don't call me selfish, though!! I...

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Dog Days of...FALL?!

Dear Readers, What in the world is going on??? There are natural disasters right and left, it’s a bajillion degrees in September, and I still haven’t been nominated to be a replacement POTUS? There’s no accounting for taste, I tell ya. In all seriousness, my heart is with everyone affected...

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Latchkey Kitty

Friends. My human is really starting to tick me off. After ALL the fun shenanigans I planned for his birthday, he has decided to continually “leave for business.” Granted, the Presidential Palace has a full staff of clingy help…but that’s not the point! I need more than five square meals...

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Market Research!

Dear Readers, The NEON G{Litter} trend may just be going somewhere! I have ran a small research survey on my own and the people say YES! What a time to be alive! We have a few different directions so far…so tell me what you think! 1) Full on G{Litter} with...

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