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Cyber FUNday

Hello Thrifty Kitties! Christmas is coming. We must prepare! Black Friday is for suckers, the first wave of soldiers, a time to send the human newbs out into the world! Cyber Monday is for us. The wise mid-lifers. The feline-brained. The shrewd shoppers. The ferocious gift-givers!! Don't call me selfish, though!! I...

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Moving Mansions?

Dear Fans, I come to you with big news…some may even call it bigly important. As you all know, my human has been traveling on and off for work in recent months. Not too long ago, I used my powers of feline persuasion to have him work more from home...

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Latchkey Kitty

Friends. My human is really starting to tick me off. After ALL the fun shenanigans I planned for his birthday, he has decided to continually “leave for business.” Granted, the Presidential Palace has a full staff of clingy help…but that’s not the point! I need more than five square meals...

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Come One, Come All!!

Dear Friends, If you ain’t here, you’re bringing up the rear! We are having the TIME of our [nine] lives at this getdown! The bus could not be a bigger hit and I’ve never seen cats and human unite so well over one cause…besides Black Friday at PetSmart, of course....

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