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I'm Blue! Da Ba Dee Da Ba Daa...

Helllllloooo Ravecats!!!Happy February!!  Remember when last month went on FURRREVER?! Well I did not sit idly by as the hours crept! Last month, in the darkest winter days, I worked diligently with our #NEON Research and Development team to create something fresh, fun, and NEW!! Introducing #BlueNEONLITTER just for you...

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Ravecat Thanks and Giving!!

My Fellow Americans,Happy Thanksgiving!! They day is here! National Distract-The-Humans-While-We-Hop-On-The-Counter Day!!It's what our ancestors on the Meow-Flower would've wanted!! I don't know about ya'll, but I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes...You NAME IT! Anybody get dragged out of town for the holiday?? If so, sending you loads of well wishes for travel...just...

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The Compromise

Dear Friends! My human and I had the BEST heart-to-heart today! Through my emphatic purrs, I was able to communicate that I did not in fact enjoy his weekly absences. I didn’t let him get TOO big of a head…I geared it mostly towards the subpar servings of food the...

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