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Cyber FUNday

Hello Thrifty Kitties! Christmas is coming. We must prepare! Black Friday is for suckers, the first wave of soldiers, a time to send the human newbs out into the world! Cyber Monday is for us. The wise mid-lifers. The feline-brained. The shrewd shoppers. The ferocious gift-givers!! Don't call me selfish, though!! I...

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Boxes FTW

Dear Readers, I really hate being cliché. I do. I also really like boxes, and as a cat, that’s a little embarrassing. I don’t want to be one of those cat memes! I don’t spell “has” as “haz”…I have more sense than that of course! I am not an LOLcat…I’m...

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Le Chat Jaloux

The Jealous Cat. That’s me. Well folks, my human is still traveling every.single.week. He comes back Sunday, washes everything navy he owns, then packs it back up and leaves on Tuesday. Can you believe I have yet to receive an apology?! I have taken to ignoring him and working on...

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Rave Humans! Who knew?!

Dear Ravecats, Boy do I have some news for you!! I found out the craziest thing this week… DID YOU KNOW THAT HUMANS RAVE TOO?! Obviously not to our feline level…but it’s a real, live thing! They get in huge groups, turn up the trance music, and dance around in...

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