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Cyber FUNday

Hello Thrifty Kitties! Christmas is coming. We must prepare! Black Friday is for suckers, the first wave of soldiers, a time to send the human newbs out into the world! Cyber Monday is for us. The wise mid-lifers. The feline-brained. The shrewd shoppers. The ferocious gift-givers!! Don't call me selfish, though!! I...

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Happy Halloween, Ravecats!!

Helllllllo Spooksters!! Today's the day!! Celebrate your creepy-crawliness in style...with a fabulous #kittycostume and a brand new #NEONLitter supply! Shop our website with the code #SpookyCat and get 20% off your entire purchase!!Now that's not scary at all, is it?? Save the ghoulishness for the trick-or-treaters! What are you guys...

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Costume Conundrum

Dear Friends,Here we are again...searching for another unexpected, quirky, and somewhat attractive #Halloween costume. My human had the grand idea that everyone in the household should dress up like a #StarWars character....what a nerd, he is! Further, the only costume he could find to fit me was one of #YODA. How embarrassing!...

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Hi friends! I have to flaunt a little more art from #CATCON17!! If you can’t tell, I’m honored to be the inspiration behind these wonderful designs…and the face of of our brand! Just look closely behind those super rad sunnies… What do you think? Does the #yinyang speak to your...

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Dang, Ya’ll!!! August was a PLUR BLUR for this kitty!! We had so many exciting things happening in the #NEONLitter world and I cannot WAIT to tell you about them! Did you see my tweets about #CATCON17?! I may be a little biased, but we absolutely had the most exciting...

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