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Market Research!

Dear Readers, The NEON G{Litter} trend may just be going somewhere! I have ran a small research survey on my own and the people say YES! What a time to be alive! We have a few different directions so far…so tell me what you think! 1) Full on G{Litter} with...

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Dear Readers, After the mass success of our human rave invasion, I have really been hitting the drawing board with #NEONLitter growth. There are no planetary limitations to our expansion! Not with a leader like me behind the wheel! Clearly we have hit a market that likes to live a...

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Come One, Come All!!

Dear Friends, If you ain’t here, you’re bringing up the rear! We are having the TIME of our [nine] lives at this getdown! The bus could not be a bigger hit and I’ve never seen cats and human unite so well over one cause…besides Black Friday at PetSmart, of course....

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Trying to Catch Me Riding #NEON Dirty!!

Dear Readers, Today is the day!! We have the #NEON bus all loaded up and all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight! Our plan is to hit the streets early evening so we can show up to the rave with lights AGLOW! There has never been so much litter...

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Rave Humans! Who knew?!

Dear Ravecats, Boy do I have some news for you!! I found out the craziest thing this week… DID YOU KNOW THAT HUMANS RAVE TOO?! Obviously not to our feline level…but it’s a real, live thing! They get in huge groups, turn up the trance music, and dance around in...

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