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Dog Days of...FALL?!

Dear Readers, What in the world is going on??? There are natural disasters right and left, it’s a bajillion degrees in September, and I still haven’t been nominated to be a replacement POTUS? There’s no accounting for taste, I tell ya. In all seriousness, my heart is with everyone affected...

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Moving Van(ity)

Dear Readers, Phew…what a crazy few days! Not only have my human and I packed up our entire life’s work, we have also managed to not injure one another in a hot, cramped moving van! Cheers to us! First, we hired some other two-leggers to load. I supervised from the...

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Moving Mansions?

Dear Fans, I come to you with big news…some may even call it bigly important. As you all know, my human has been traveling on and off for work in recent months. Not too long ago, I used my powers of feline persuasion to have him work more from home...

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Le Chat Jaloux

The Jealous Cat. That’s me. Well folks, my human is still traveling every.single.week. He comes back Sunday, washes everything navy he owns, then packs it back up and leaves on Tuesday. Can you believe I have yet to receive an apology?! I have taken to ignoring him and working on...

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Welcome Home, Human!

Dear Friends, Today is my human’s birthday and I really want to make it special for him. I overheard a conversation with his best friend the other day and he said he wanted to come home to a sassy cat in high heels with a refreshment in hand. I’ve been...

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