The Compromise

The Compromise

Dear Friends!

My human and I had the BEST heart-to-heart today! Through my emphatic purrs, I was able to communicate that I did not in fact enjoy his weekly absences.

I didn’t let him get TOO big of a head…I geared it mostly towards the subpar servings of food the maid has been providing. My human actually agreed to work from home more!

His travel is switching to only three days per week, and maybe just maybe, I’ll get to join sometimes!! I promised him I wouldn't swat the attendants again…that’s already gotten me kicked off a private jet once.

When I travel, you better bet I’m going to rock my #NEONLitter inspired duffle! It has ALL the colors AND my face on it!! What could be better?

Not a thing, says Maximus!

Talk soon,

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