Together Time!

Together Time!

Hi Readers!


Boy oh boy, have my human and I had some QT recently! There are so many things I enjoy about him working from home, so to keep it simple, I made a list.


1. Nonstop belly warmer. Whether it’s his laptop or his feet, my undercarriage has never been so toasty.

2. Dedicated focus on hydration. My human likes to procrastinate by getting water for himself, and in turn, I get a refill each time!

3. Perfectly irregular sleep cycles. Sometimes we nap at 4pm, sometimes we wake up at noon! It’s fantastic!!

4. Treats, both inadvertent and intentional. He likes to eat. I like to sneak.

5. Head scratches galore. See previous comment on procrastination. 

Last but not least,

6. He watches a lot of Seinfeld re-runs. That guy is hilarious.

----------------If you don’t have a stay-at-home human, I highly recommend it!

All the best,

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