Trying to Catch Me Riding #NEON Dirty!!

Trying to Catch Me Riding #NEON Dirty!!

Dear Readers,

Today is the day!! We have the #NEON bus all loaded up and all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight!

Our plan is to hit the streets early evening so we can show up to the rave with lights AGLOW! There has never been so much litter in one vehicle and bathroom breaks are NOT allowed until we reach our destination! Why? Because King Max says so!

Don’t worry, this trip has not gone to my head. Not at all. I really just want to spread the #NEONLitter love and help others have a nice time.

Whilst showing up the humans and promoting my business of course!! Sorry not sorry!

My friend Dirty Harriet made the playlist, so I expect a lot of trance and techno. I hope I don’t get too into it and get pulled over for speeding! I am heavy-pawed as it happens…not to mention when I start to feel the groove.

Just like the Chamillionaire song says…they always trying to catch me riding dirty!

See ya under the lights!

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