Welcome Home, Human!

Welcome Home, Human!

Dear Friends,

Today is my human’s birthday and I really want to make it special for him. I overheard a conversation with his best friend the other day and he said he wanted to come home to a sassy cat in high heels with a refreshment in hand.

I’ve been practicing…what do you think of the photo above? I think I got it about right!

To think…he feels sad about being single sometimes! Not today, says this #RAVECAT!

I think I will also prepare several cans of tuna, with a dipping station of mustard, mayo, and hot sauce. Followed by a dessert of catnip brownies.

You only turn middle-aged once!

Any other tips for celebrating a human’s birthday? I heard they like songs too…but that one I just can’t promise. The last time the neighbor’s called the cops and thought someone was getting strangled.

Not the bright lights we want to see tonight!

Happy Birthday, Human!!!

Confetti Dreaming!

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