What are the instructions for using NEON Litter?


  • Fill clean litter box with 2-3 inches of NEON Litter.
  • 2 times per week scoop the litter box to remove clumps and solid waste.  If you have a multiple cat house you may need to scoop more often.
  • Every 7-10 days add more NEON Litter to the litter box to maintain the 2-3 inch depth.
  • 3-4 times per year completely empty the litter box, wash, dry, and refill with fresh litter.


Where should I locate the litter box in my home?


  • Cat experts argue this point – some recommend placing the litter box in locations where your cat has privacy. Other cat experts state the litter box should be kept in the social areas of the home. Whichever recommendation you follow NEON is perfect as the colors are vibrant and fun plus NEON Litter is odor free and dust free.  
  • Please note: NEON Litter is made of silica gel crystals so we recommend the litter box not be located in the areas of high humidity such as near your shower or bath as the crystals will absorb moisture directly out of the air diminishing their effectiveness.


Does 4 pounds of litter last an entire month?

After the original filling of the litter box to 2-3”,  1 four pound bag per month per cat to maintain the 2-3” depth of litter is a good estimate of the usage. Some cats urinate more than others due to size, age, and health so the amount of litter usage will vary for every cat.

What colors are available?


  • Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, and Purple.
  • More colors will be added soon. If you register for our Rave Bulletin you will be the first to know.


Is NEON Litter safe for my cat?


  • Absolutely Safe. Our own cats use NEON Litter at home and at the NEON office.
  • NEON Litter is made of non-toxic silica gel crystals. Even if the cat washes its paws after using the litter box the product doesn’t pose a health risk. 
  • The colors used to make the colors are food coloring.


What is Silica Gel?


  • Silica Gel is made from a natural mineral that is processed into either crystals or beads. It is primarily used as a desiccant (drying agent) because its porous surface absorbs moisture on contact or from the air.  Silica gel is non-toxic, non-reactive, and non-flammable.
  • NOTE: Silica Gel is not crystalline silica. Crystalline Silica is a form of quartz similar to asbestos that OSHA regulates and can be found in some clay litters.  Silica Gel has a similar name but is not dangerous and is often used to protect medicines, electronics, and food from moisture damage.


Is NEON Litter safe for my family?


  • Yes, NEON Litter is non-toxic and safe.
  • As with all cat litters – wash your hands after exposure to used litter, the litter box or litter scoop. Also, pregnant women and persons with diminished immune systems should not handle used cat litter due to the possibility of Toxoplasmosis.  Please contact your physician for more information about Toxoplasmosis risks.


Can NEON Litter be used for multi-cat households?

Of course! NEON Litter is made with silica gel crystals which absorb liquid waste on contact and also dries solid waste quickly helping to control the associated odors. Multiple cats will increase the litter usage so you will need to add litter more frequently to maintain the 2-3 inches of litter in the litter box.

How Many Litter Boxes are recommended for a home?


  • The general consensus of cat experts is to have one litter box for each cat in the home + 1 extra. In multi-cat households this will reduce territorial issues and reduce stress on the cats in your home.
  • If this is not practical or your cats have always used less litter boxes you are fortunate to have a well-adjusted feline family. NEON Litter will provide your cats with a dust free, odor-free litter box that doesn’t require a lot of your time to keep clean.


Does NEON Litter have bulk discounts?

Yes! Please look at our Shop pages.  We have great discounts for multiple bag orders.  If you want to buy more than 24 bags per delivery please contact NEON Litter by email or phone.  info@neonlitter.com or 864-261-3546.

Will my cat be bothered by the bright colors?


  • Cats really do not need to wear sunglasses to use NEON Litter .  Cats see differently than humans and while they do see colors they are not worried about the color of their bathroom.  Cat eyes have a high concentration of rod receptors and a low concentration of cone receptors.  Human eyes have the opposite eye structure.  So cats see really well at night but don’t see colors very well and humans don’t see well in the dark but are receptive to a large spectrum of colors.
  • NEON Litter's fun colors are for the cat's human companions (or servants depending on your cat’s disposition). We hope that the fun colors make the chore of litter box maintenance more enjoyable for your family.


How many bags do I need?

NEON Litter needs to be maintained at a minimum depth of 2-3” in the litter box. We suggest that you start with at least 2 bags; 1 bag to fill the box and 1 bag to add litter as clumps are removed. Many medium and large litter boxes may require 2 bags to achieve the suggested 2-3” minimum litter depth. If your home has a large litter box order 3 bags – 2 to fill the litter box to the 2-3” minimum and the additional bag to keep the litter the proper depth in the litter box.

How do I reorder NEON Litter?

When you sign up for our RAVE Program NEON Litter will send you friendly reminders via email that let you adjust your last order (colors, quantities, etc) and then place the order. Shopify will keep your payment method on file so all you do is review, make changes if needed, and hit the Buy button. We will also remind you if you have unused discount coupon codes from our NEON RAVE recommendation program.

What is the best way to introduce NEON Litter to my cat?


  • Most cats have no problem using NEON Litter without an introduction phase as they typically love the SOFT-on-PAWS texture. But if you have a very finicky cat then here are the introduction steps:
    • Place NEON Litter at the bottom of a cleaned litter box
    • Pour a thin layer of the cat’s old litter on top of NEON Litter
    • As your cat walks and digs in the litter box the litter will begin to mix
    • As you refill the litter box to maintain the proper litter depth only add NEON.
    • Eventually you can have only NEON in the litter box and your cat will be fully adjusted.


Will NEON Litter work in my self-cleaning automated litter box?

We do not suggest NEON Litter for self-cleaning litter boxes due to the way NEON Litter clumps are formed. Crystal litter does not naturally clump so we add a natural clumping agent made from peapods. The clumps will not be hard until the clump dries and this takes a few hours. The self-cleaning litter boxes usually do the auto-scooping  10-15 minutes after the cat leaves the litter box not giving the clump enough time to get hard.

Will the size of my cat change the amount of NEON Litter used?

Probably – every cat is different. NEON Litter absorbs liquid waste on contact and the size of the clump will be determined by the amount of liquid waste. Cats with copious bladder releases will use more NEON Litter than cats with smaller amounts of liquid waste.

What do I do with the waste?


  • Local municipalities have different regulations of how to dispose of used cat litters so please check your local government’s website to make sure you are compliant.
  • Our basic recommendations is to place the clumps and solid waste into your trash for disposal.


How do I make sure I am using NEON Litter correctly?


  • We hope your cat is using the NEON Litter – not you :-) ! NEON Litter is convenient for cleaning because if you clean 2-3 times per week and maintain the minimum litter depth of 2-3” your cat’s litter box will remain odor free.
  • Scooping a few minutes after your cat has used its box is not recommended as the clump takes time to firm up. Letting the clumps get hard makes it easy to remove the clump completely.
  • If you have any specific questions please contact us at info@neonlitter.com or 864-261-3546.
  • NEON Litter is made of silica gel crystals we recommend the litter box not be located in the area near your shower or bath as the crystals will absorb moisture directly out of the air diminishing their effectiveness.


How to keep NEON Litter off of the floor?

NEON Litter recommends that you place a litter mat or a rug outside the litter box so the cat will brush off any litter sticking to its paws.

What is NEON Litter made of?

NEON Litter is made of non-toxic and safe silica gel crystals. Guargum made from natural peapods is the clumping agent that allows the crystals to form a clump. The colors are food coloring.

How should I clean my cat’s litter box?


  • NEON Litter if properly maintained will not require monthly box cleaning. It is important to keep the litter 2-3 inches minimum depth and if you scoop 2 times per week the litter in the box after scooping will stay fresh for several months.
  • 3-4 times per year we suggest you completely clean the litter box. Here is what we recommend:
    • Wear disposable gloves.
    • Empty litter into a trash bag and dispose of according to local municipal recommendations.
    • If any litter is stuck to the bottom of the litter box add some warm water and soak for 15 minutes. This will allow the clumping agent to hydrate and release its bond.  You can pour the water with the small amount of litter residue into the toilet.  Warning: do not dump the entire litter box contents into the toilet as it could clog your toilet and septic lines.
    • Wash with soapy water and pour water into toilet. Use a mild dishwashing soap.
      • Do not use ammonia or bleach based cleaners as these leave residual smells that are offensive to cats and could lead to inappropriate elimination outside the litter box.
      • If some of the NEON sticks to the bottom of the pan add some warm water and let soak for 15 minutes.  This will allow the food  starch that causes the clump to form to hydrate and the bond to the bottom of the pan to release.
      • If NEON adheres to the bottom of the litter pan this usually means the litter was not kept 2" - 3" deep during the month so try keeping the litter deeper on the next fill or use a litter pan liner.


Does NEON Litter ship internationally?

Currently NEON Litter is not available for international shipping but we hope to offer this option soon.  NEON Litter is available in many countries besides USA. Please email info@neonlitter.com to see if NEON Litter is available near you.

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